The title is It’s Snowing Again, and I use materials such as acrylic paints, color pencils, or even an apple pencil, which can create an aesthetic and cozy atmosphere. The dimension is a piece of paper of A4 (210 x 297 mm). The longest lived humpback whale divides the painting into two periods. It’s a comparison and metaphor of my previous memory and the cruel reality. My grandmother has had Alzheimer disease about one year, and she just forgot me last month. When she saw me, she wasn’t as happy as before. It suddenly occurred to me that after the Spring Festival this year, she looked out in a sunny day and said to me, “Look, it’s snowing again”. Besides, I want to communicate nothing is eternal and enable people to be aware of a sense of crisis that might be lost, including the environment, people or the current situation. It’s a story about cherishing your present life, like kinship, friendship or love. Furthermore, I made a combination between lotus lamp and real ice flowers in the Arctic. The color might bring us to your dream or subconscious.

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