Humanity stands at a crossroads. We must now decide which path we want to take. If mankind chooses the wrong path, what will our future be like? I began to think about this and to show it in a photographic way. I hypothesized a new environment in which humans would choose to live in a new environment in the face of the catastrophe of the climate crisis, but would not be able to escape it. Mermaids are like us in life, first surrounded by the climate crisis and then wrapped up in it. It is a warning as well as a prophecy. The urgency and danger of the climate crisis are ever-present in our lives, but we have done nothing to change it, which got me thinking about why? Will we still run away and ignore the climate crisis when we know that the future is doomed to disaster if we don't make changes? I hope this warning will remind us that it is time to start changing.

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