My work takes a critical view of social and natural l issues. In this group of works, I took pictures of people and scenery on the dykes along the Yellow River in the Shandong province of China. The climate crisis is also a very common phenomenon in my hometown, it has led to the accumulation of sediment in the riverbed in recent years which is 4-5 meters higher than the ground level in the city. I went to the Yellow River dike around Jinan, the provincial capital city where l live. This is the lower reaches of the Yellow River. Many dams were built to prevent flooding, as sediment accumulated in the middle reaches to form the above-ground rivers. I have captured the moment of people and the natural environment completely and realistically, which will help people to consider the climate rationally and objectively. Through this set of photos, people can find the imprint of this era on the mother's river, which aroused the viewer's resonance and thoughts on the real issues between people and the banks of the river in contemporary society.

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