Regarding the climate crisis project, I created a series of shopping bags.I want to remind people to pay attention to the harm caused by climate warming and melting glaciers to the earth. And finally woven with threads made of recycled disposable plastic bags. This is a complete experience of recycling and re—use of environmentally friendly design projects. I took a lot of pictures of cracks when the glacier melted and transformed them into patterns. I hope people can see these conditions and warn people about the serious problems they are facing now. Later, these lines and patterns were recombined to design the patterns of these series of bags and the graphics that I wanted to weave.  I chose to recycle plastic bags to make this project, because in fact I think that everything we make will increase the burden on the earth. As designers, we should lead everyone to recycle old things or create environmentally friendly materials.Let people who really want to contribute to environmental protection can use completely environmentally friendly items. 

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