In my 3d model images project, I used Cinema 4d to construct an unreal scene to express my reflection on the climate crisis.I hope to show the climate crisis phenomena and changes in human awareness through my work. After researching the climate crisis, I learned that it has brought a series of harm to the earth, one of which is sea level rise, so I want to start from this point. I made three pictures as a whole series. Each picture uses a person as the visual object, and this person is an organism representing the entire universe. Secondly, in the choice of colors, I use pink and white as the two main colors. First, I hope that the three pictures have a unified vision. Second, I think this kind of pink with some purple tone is soft. There is a sense of crisis in the feeling, just like the impact of the climate crisis on us, it has quietly affected our lives.

turned into bubbles

I constructed an unreal scene in which all the planets in the universe were turned into bubbles, and the people in the middle represented all the living beings affected by the climate crisis.

emerged person

In this picture, the sea level rise caused by the climate crisis, which has almost submerged all the planets, but humans are floating on it, looking at the huge information box, even though humans are drowning, they still seem to be irrelevant and keep ignoring the climate crisis.

thorn rain

I magnified the overall perspective. In the background, some sharp thorns hit the whole environment like rain, and there was a sense of crisis.

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