In discussing climate change, I didn't want to make a piece that was just a "craft”. I will put my real feelings into making a work with connotation. So, in the production of this project, all the materials are from the garbage in the packaging or express delivery. I hope people can really realize that today's environmental problems are caused by human extravagance and waste, So the medium of the whole work is bubble film. Another reason for choosing bubble wrap as a medium is that I think many artists nowadays do not use real environmental materials in their works that promote environmental protection. For example, in a work that advocates environmental protection, they use paper to create, but they throw the works that they think are not perfect into the trash can. I think this is contradictory, so in my work I use all the materials that people think are rubbish. In addition, after studying plastic bags, I found that the inventor's original intention of creating plastic bags was environmental protection, because plastic bags can be recycled, but humans turned them into disposable garbage. So, I want to call on everyone to save energy through this work. If we really want to use a clean sky, we don't need to ban plastic, we just need to stop wasting it.

Return Sky Back To Sky

60cm x 42cm; Acrylic paint, Bubble film.

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