When art and technology are combined, what miracles will appear? This question led me to an interesting artistic direction. Mary Shelley once said: "We are unformed creatures, only half completed." So what if we can perfect ourselves through art,design and technology? I imagined a structure that can extend skin, organs and tissues to create a private algae circulation system. With it, we can use exhaled carbon dioxide and skin waste to feed the algae,which synthesize oxygen and nutrients to replenish us and help us maintain our bodies, and even more other functions.  It will be the second skin to complete us. Facing the climate crisis, how to let us be live to the sun is what needs to change! According to Chinese legend, people can cultivate themselves into being immortal by absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon. In real life, we may be not able to sustain life without eating food, but the discovery of symbiotic algae brings us more possibilities. Maybe we can get the ability of photosynthesis by having a symbiotic relationship with algae. Through a conceptual illustration, I paint a vision of methods to support future life.

symbiotic life-sustaining 2 undersea

symbiotic life-sustaining 1 underground

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