If people are asked to think of a keyword for the past two years, I believe that most people will choose "epidemic." The rise in the death toll makes us admit that this epidemic is a disaster for humanity. According to a BBC documentary "The Year of Earth Change", with the promulgation of travel restrictions in various countries and reducing human activities, the earth has undergone earth-shaking changes during the two years. All these changes shocked me. Combined with the questionnaire survey I initiated before the start of the project, I think what I need to do in this research on the climate crisis is to make people aware of the environmental hazards of excessive human activities through my work. Therefore, I took the epidemic as the background and used this contrast between death and vitality, despair and hope as inspiration to produce a job with a substantial gap. I took advantage of the narrative benefits of the book, combined with special copywriting and illustrations, to create this book called "Two Sides of Parallel World". In the book, I use blue to represent the human world and rose-red representing the natural world to make readers feel. I let readers see what happens in the two worlds simultaneously like a bystander. Use the pain you have personally experienced to understand the pain of nature.

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