The name the work is “The Call of the Glacier”, represents a cry for help from the glaciers. It is a packaging design. It can be divided into two parts, CD and packaging design. The melting glacier as a climate crisis, it will bring many disasters, make sea levels rise, global temperatures rise, release ancient viruses and the extinction of some species. Although in recent years there have been many warnings of icebergs and abnormal weather, such as the day before yesterday's report of rain at the highest point of the Greenland ice cap and the loss of about 8 billion tonnes of ice per day from the Greenland ice cap, people don't take it very seriously.And the process of making this work was actually a kind of self-reflection. I started to reflect on my lifestyle and realised that I was one of the culprits in creating this problem, and I really felt ashamed and worried, afraid that this situation would really get worse and worse, and that a few people would not be able to change everyone's mind. As a designer as a person I can only appeal to people and change my lifestyle, that's what I have learned.

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