Trees play a great role in purifying the air and also have a great impact on the climate. Influenced by the living environment in my childhood, I tried to think about what the world would be like without trees. Maybe the free air will become a commodity with a clear price at that time, so I designed a shop to sell air. I took trees as the source for design thinking. Trees are the lungs of the earth, so the shape of the space and the air selling machine are evolved from the shape of lungs. The wall evolved from the shape of mountains and I projected trees onto the wall, implying that if trees were extinct, we would only be able to see trees through scientific means, and the mountains would also become bare. I hope that through the design of air sales stores, people can feel the importance of trees and the severity of the climate crisis. If trees are extinct, it may be difficult for us to breathe fresh air in the future. Such a life would be hopeless, and neither of us would want it.


I was inspired by my living environment when I was a child. My hometown has a dry climate and few trees, so there are often extreme weather conditions such as sandstorms. There was no epidemic at that time, but we still had to wear masks because the air became turbid.


after the extinction of trees, the earth's lung will be replaced by the air store with purification machines, and people can only get fresh air in the air store.At the same time, if the trees are extinct, we can only see the trees through technological means, and the mountains will become bare.

Impression drawing

I created a desolate atmosphere and put a gas mask on the people outside the store. The indoor and outdoor colors also form a sharp contrast.

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