This is my artwork-Out of the Flood, my inspiration was coming from a flood disaster in China's Henan province. In the first picture. I used a lot of blue colors to show the feeling of being underwater. This is because I want people to experience the feelings of the people who have suffered a disaster in the underground. In the second picture. When I created this picture, my idea was to present a tube to get rid of the flood and rushing into the sky from the darkness and be bathed in sunlight. This is a scene that I imagined because I hope the people who have suffered this disaster can get rid of it. In this picture, I blurred the underground to show that it was rushing into the sky at a high speed. And the warm yellow colors are represented warm sunlight and the future. The third picture is the future that I imagine. I hope that even if a similar disaster happens again, people will conquer it. Just like this picture, they are safe on the tube during the sunset.




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