My artwork is a small interactive installation named "Ruins". This installation is an abstract, flowing modern city, and it also represents a coral city under the sea. It is composed of 600 colorful disposable plastic straws. My artwork is inspired by the phenomenon of "coral bleaching". The climate crisis has worsened in recent years, with more than half of the world's coral dying from bleaching as a result of global warming and rising ocean temperatures. These once crowded submarine cities are reduced to bleak ruins. I wonder how people would feel if the cities we live in become bleak ruins like those coral cities. I hope to use interactive installation to project this change in the submarine world into the real world. Therefore, I placed white spray paint in the exhibition, and hope that every visitor can spray it at will, until the original colorful "real world" becomes a white ruin like the "underwater world". I want to give people an immersive experience, let them feel how this world is destroyed by their every move. Finally, I will record the destruction process of this installation in the form of photography and make it a part of the exhibition.

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