Since the second industrial Revolution, the burning of human fossil fuels has produced a large amount of greenhouse gases. A rise in greenhouse gas concentrations is matched by a fall in oxygen concentrations.  Studies have shown a positive correlation between the size of species and the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. As oxygen levels drop, humans are at risk of suffocation.   I got cling film to simulate the sensation. I found that plastic wrap takes on a special texture when it wraps around objects. As the gas decreases and the wrap gets closer to the object, the lines become fixed. I used PVC and leather to blend together and some yarn in the middle to create a similar texture on the fabric.   In terms of silhouette, I used deconstruction method to divide a suit into many different parts.  Simulate the process of biological evolution under the change of oxygen content.  The lower body is a tight-fitting pair of leggings, covered with a layer of transparent PVC on the outside. If the air between the legs and the PVC fabric is reduced, the PVC will eventually cling to the thigh, forming the aforementioned suffocating appearance.  

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