I noticed that the impact of the climate crisis on humanity is far-reaching, but it is not without warning. Therefore, I try to express the warnings from the earth under the influence of global warming through my works, so this poem contains many News events, such as desert floods, forest fires, etc. Inspired by The Designing Wordsmith, this poem transforms some specific words and uses visualized text to convey more intuitive feelings. This is one feature of this work-text visualization, which breaks the regular layout of traditional poetry and enhances the visual impact of text. Another feature of the work is the use of figurative language. When expressing their heartfelt feelings, the first person is often the most touching, personifying the earth, allowing readers to treat her as a friend rather than just a planet. My work expresses a call from the earth. She is trying to hint us to save her, but we haven't paid much attention to it yet. For me, this work is my personal response to the earth’s call for help. At the same time, I hope everyone will pay attention to the climate issue. I would say everyone should do our best to try to protect earth, to survive our homeland.

Poem-By fire

Here is a crying polar bear. It is spelled out with the word “polar”. p is his eyes, o is his belly, l is his leg, a is his mouth, and r is his little hand. This fuzzy “cry” means that he has lost his eyes while crying.

By fire

"voice" is a person who speaks with a small speaker, because when collecting information, I found some voices that support global warming. This is why the advantages are reversed, because they are turning black and white.

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