People nowadays are looking for ways to fight climate change and there are many ways to prevent this issue from becoming worse. However, are they all sustainable and easy to do for everyone? Therefore, I started my project with these three keywords, “consistency, enjoyment, and feasible” One of the main causes of climate change is fast fashion. Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity's carbon emissions. Therefore, I wanted to prevent people to buy fewer new clothes. My priority was getting everyone involved as much as possible by starting with small things. My answer for this was clothing swap. This service is for our community, UAL. Any famous alumni, tutors, anyone in our community can access to this app. It is one of the ways of how to fight a shopping addiction without huge self-sacrifice and also encourage people to move. This can be seen as inactive movement in comparison. But, It can be the best way to offer ordinary people to be part of environmental activists.

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