My name is Shuting Liang. I am a senior high school student of international art class. I once studied in the animation department of the school. In this language class, we will use the climate crisis as the theme. At the beginning of the theme of climate crisis, I began to think about what kind of crisis would make me interested in doing it. Then I realized that I like the ocean, so I thought about the climate crisis about the ocean, so I thought of global warming, the global climate change. After conducting this research on global warming, I found that the main cause of global warming is human beings. I also prefer to use stories to satirize some current situations. For this reason, I think a role to represent the ocean can better reflect human damage to the global environment. Finally, I decided to use electronic painting to present my works. I usually create works by inspiration mode. With inspiration, I will be prompted to create works. Therefore, at the beginning, I will not be busy creating works, but will wait for inspiration. I once wanted to use freeze frame animation model to create my works, but because it was the first time, I didn't have much experience, so I only made a skeleton in the end. In this art work, all the inspiration comes from my own dreams. And I hope to better investigate the usage of work materials in my future art work.

Global warming

Half of the blue ball is earth, and the symbolise of those warm colors lines is global warming, because they extended to the Earth to made it warm.


A humanoid creature "Warmen" living in the sea, and the prototype of Warmen is Bajau race which live in Semporna .

The living place of Warmen

Warmen's house is a container full of beautiful ocean memories. The blue bubbles emerging from it are the memories of marine life and history before global warming.

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