The work "Struggling Fish Tail" is about showing the impact of climate change caused by human pollution on the ocean on sea creatures. The shape of the fish's tail swinging when struggling expresses the state of nature's struggle. According to my investigation, the current human pollution to the ocean is equivalent to dumping 1 million tons of carbon dioxide into the ocean every hour, which leads to a decline in the total amount of marine plants and shakes the basic energy supply in the ocean. As a result, there are fewer and fewer lives in the ocean. . Therefore, the product shape is inspired by the fluttering of the tail when I see the fish struggling after getting out of the water. Inspired by the phantom caused by the rapid shaking of the tail, I chose to assemble the tail with multiple translucent parts in the shape of the tail. The afterimage of the shaking. In my opinion, the ocean is like the earth's climate regulator, helping the earth to withstand human damage, and the life in the sea is the first victim, but who knows whether the next victim will be human beings.

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