This is my artwork ’Climate alert’ that is composed of one poster and jewelry. First, my poster was inspired by the climate map, which is divided into red, green, and a small amount of blue. I intend to emphasize the insidious influence of climatic degeneration on the ocean, such as rising sea levels and global warming. Second, I make the bracelet and I think it can be a symbol of the food chain. Whenever people wear it and they will realize any climate change can disrupt the ecosystem that already exists there. It is not just a bracelet and it is something like the ‘chain’ that links to the ocean environment and in order to raise the environmental awareness of people and concerning the product itself, the pearl is a significant element in my design, because If the habitats are damaged, pearls will become more and more precious until they entirely disappear. What is more, we should protect the ocean that can absorb the majority of our emissions. For us, we can design more products to raise people’s environmental awareness and use sustainable materials to make them.

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