"Rebirth", this is a work drawn after exploring climate issues. In the case that global warming cannot be resolved in the short term, how to let people continue to live in their homes is a problem we should consider. So I created a bionic building for this. My source of inspiration is a marine creature named sea pen. In the painting process, I use a pencil to paint its shape, and then use a marker to fill in the color. I use a variety of blue markers to fill in the background color, because blue represents the ocean and hope. The marker pen is also very suitable for this work, because its brushstrokes can better express this atmosphere and environment. The moral of naming this painting "Rebirth" is that I want people to continue to live in this place and make their homes full of vitality again. The purpose of my painting this work is to let more people know the seriousness of the global climate problem, so I use this work to call on everyone to protect our homes.

The works cover

Some images of the climate crisis


A study on the sea pen

Design process


To make my work better, I put it in a real scene so that we can see the whole effect.

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