This piece of work is to melt glaciers and appear some problems by melted glaciers due to environmental pollution. I hope that people face a matter more environmental problem than anything practically. Nevertheless, I have humorously appeared this serious environmental problem for accessing everyone easily. When children and adults saw my work, they could find changes between two posters, they would be able to remember part of environmental pollution the longer. I expressed just A4 size, but people looking at my work can interpret it in different ways and the bigger size. And, when I created this piece of work I used Photoshop and an illustration program that accesses everyone. Why did I work with computer programs is for correct visual matching. It is because the audience should find changes between the same two posters. However, painting or sculpture can be showed differently according to audience’s position, viewpoint and thought. I have been inspired by news that reports polar bears who appear human town for the first time. I searched for new about it because I wonder why they invade the town. As a result, many glaciers are melting, sea level is increasing. Also, various Antarctic animals losing their habitats.

The past

The situation before melting glaciers and getting serious air pollution

The past

The situation before melting glaciers and getting serious air pollution. If you see more closely, you can look for changes between two posters

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