My project is about extreme weather, in this project, I thought about the current climate extremes, the consequences of which will affect all of us in the future, so I needed to think about how art and design can help and change the way we live in extreme weather.At the beginning of the project, I researched the main types of extreme weather, such as flood, sandstorm and drought. And last month,There was a big flood in Henan, China, which had a serious negative impact on Henan. So I decided to design a product designed to help people save themselves in flood. Eventually, I designed a design to help individuals more easily call for help when flooding, this design is a portable body armor that helps people fix themselves next to buildings to not be swept away by flood waters. This design is a portable body suit that can help people fix themselves next to buildings and not be swept away by the flood. And it is more convenient to ask for help from rescue teams while keeping themselves safe. I really want my designs to help people in dangerous situations, because I think it gives me a strong sense of accomplishment when my designs can actually help people, and this is my belief in studying product design.


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