Coexistence is a series of poster designs. My creative inspiration comes from my thinking and reflection on the relationship between humans and nature. The ocean occupies the most significant area on the earth, and it is home to countless lives. Then. I observed the phenomenon of coral bleaching. Ocean warming and ocean acidification have directly led to the endangerment of this species, and the crisis of corals will threaten other marine animals. In the design process, I used the fluidity of color to strongly contrast with the black background, which symbolizes the instability of temperature and human desire. I also tried to make a lot of broken transparent coral models. These creatures look like corals but are not real corals. I incorporated the transparent effect of coral bleaching into the poster design and contrasted it blurry and real. 80% of global disasters are closely related to climate change. Humans coexist with nature, and protecting nature means protecting ourselves.

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