My creative response to the climate crisis through the sustainability of sportswear. From my inspiration of fashion in the national of sportwear in Olympic game 2020, I notice fashion of sportswear can be a tool that can attract people’s attention all over the world. So, I went to research about sustainable of fashion and how fashion can be sustainable, especially the reuse, recycle-methods, sustainable materials, and case studies that it could be used as a guideline for adapting in my work. After research, I believe that fashion of sportswear can help to demonstrate sustainability in a new way. Base on develop design, I transform a lot of plastic waste in my country into Thailand's national sportswear, in the same time I reflect on Thainess in my work to show nationality in the global sport event. I hope my creativity can impress the world and will be initiative to tend people to care more about how can we save the world.

Sustainable of Sportswear

Climate Crisis

The National outfits in Olympic Game inspired me "How to make fashion design of sportswear can attract people's attention, and can solve problems on Climate Crisis in the same time.

Research & Survey Process

It demonstrates how I research and survey in my process of work by using sketchbook for sketching and recording my ideas.

Development design & Concept Design

It shows how I develop my ideas concept through Thai's nationality . I create mood and tone that show the ideas of textures, pattern and sustainable material which I need to applied in my work.

National Sustainable Sportswear of Thailand

This is my creative respond climate crisis through sustainable of sportswear by transform a lot of plastic waste in my country into the Thailand's national sportswear.

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