This work depicts global warming caused by the ozone crisis. First of all, heat is written on the face of the earth in an anthropomorphic way -- the uncomfortable expression and sweat on the face. These hands are the ozone layer. It holds the earth to protect it. It has a lot of cuts and band-aids that indicate damage to the ozone layer. The background is purple and red to represent harmful radiation in the universe. Ozone layer is been protecting the earth since it was bore. It blocks out much of the ultraviolet radiation that can harm the earth. But these years, because of human emit large quantities of industrial gases, the ozone layer was damaged in some way. So more sunlight coming in and earth became hotter. Then the icebergs at the poles began to melt. This will bring serious disaster to human and earth. We can definitely feel the climate getting hotter If mankind does not protect the ozone layer as much as possible, we will be doomed. As it says in the picture, don’t let us Ozone layer be damaged anymore.

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