My artworks are about Climate project which is called Fire on Earth, I hand-painted illustrations and finally made them to be four postcards.The reason why I wanted to call my artworks Fire on Earth is that fire is a devastating and fast-spreading disaster, I wanted to express a sense of crisis and tell people we have to face it. Protecting environment is a responsibility to everyone who lived in this beautiful planet. As you can see, I painted these illustrations on watercolor papers by colorful markers. These four illustrations are about global warming which is one of the most imnd urgent problem on earth. They also address four different sub-themes, atmospheric pollution, melting glaciers, extreme meteorological disaster, the health hazards of high temperature to human beings. I got my inspirations from a sentence is that “Our greatest enemy is not just the greenhouse gases that humans emit, but our inability to get away with the truth.” In the processing of creating, I was inspired by Decorative Painting. Instead of choosing a realistic painting style, I tried to draw through the deformation of lines. I wanted to make a strong and contrast visual picture so I used a high saturation markers for the color.

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