My work is called Environment and Makeup, and my makeup brand is Called Warming Beauty.
When designing the images that would be displayed on the make-up packaging, I wanted to create an effect that is not only noticed immediately but also one that people can easily identify with. To this end, the colors blue, red, and orange were used. Blue represents the entire globe where the ocean color is predominant. As the inspiration comes from four globes, we can clearly see that when the blue color changes to a bright orange color, it indicates that the earth is gradually warming. At the edges of the globe, the orange becomes concentrated, appearing as red, like the color of a flame, also I put the flame on it, showing that indeed the globe is heating up. The lighter in this hand is also a warning because it's the active destruction that's causing global warming.
The primary inspiration behind the piece was climate change as a guiding theme. However, I attempted to explore this theme in the context of my profession in the cosmetics business. I intended to ideally create awareness in my field of work concerning the devastating effects of global warming, by integrating some of the visual effects of a melting world into the packaging of makeup products. The guiding premise was that people who bought or used such products would see the thought-provoking images, which would nurture a sense of awareness of the current global predicament. By placing the art piece on makeup packaging, the seemingly ignored global situation is brought closer to the people to spur action.

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