My artistic practice is both simple and complicated. The “simple” part is that the inspiration for my projects originates from my own experiences and surrounding, which are readily available and happening all the time. My choice of the mix media in my artwork is a complicated process covering installation, photography, and moving image. Moreover, the conveyed information and contained emotions in the artwork are the important points where I hope audiences to understand and resonate. “Time and waiting”, my recent artwork, focuses on the human survival and ecological environment being affected by extreme weather and disasters under climate change. Using the comprehensive materials to make a small “earth” installation, and finally presented it in the natural environment. I used a clay heart to represent human beings. The surrounding ice cubes and the objects inside represent the disasters caused by future climate change. As time changes, ecological homeland will suffer from the negative impact of climate change on us, and human lives will also be threatened. We should be vigilant and think about how to deal with it. In a word, I hope I can continue to explore the relationship between human and the nature in the later art practice.


Duration: 1 min 13 sec (color, silent); Resolution: 1920*1080

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