When people talk about the climate crisis, the topic is always serious, and my work Who is the real controller was created for this topic. My work wants to express how the earth looks like it is being controlled by humans like a puppet on a string when their behaviors are harming it. However, humans don't realize that the Earth may be the real controller. Because if there is no Earth, that means no human. I hope that when people see this work they will reflect on the damage they have done to the earth and restrain their behavior.

Mind map

I conducted research based on the climate crisis and put all of the elements related to the climate crisis from that research into my mind map.


I chose some words from my mind map that interested me and made them into separate themes. And I created this image based on"The end of the World", using collage and drawing on my sketchbook.


This sketchbook page is about dry, desert, and dead animals.

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