My work is often inspired by life. My motivation for creating ‘Mother in the Sea’ comes from the current climate crisis. I follow the climate issue all the time. It is closely related to human activities. When I was researching the issue of global warming, I received a message that people were being hurt by the jellyfish epidemic caused by global warming. I decided to make a jellyfish mother through installation. By creating human figures to coexist with jellyfish, the audience can reflect: if human beings do not protect their 'home’, they will suffer the consequences. Three-dimensional creation can bring interaction to the audience when they watch my works. The device or sculpture is touchable, and an entity exists in front of people's eyes in a state of three-dimensional space. I think the audience will feel it more strongly. The reason I chose the red cloth is because it represents the colour of the womb and the blood of human beings. Black to me represents darkness, unknown and death. I wrapped the jellyfish in black cloth, and no one could understand what was going on between the human and the baby jellyfish, or what was going on inside the jellyfish. For the audience, the audience cannot clearly and direct observation the inside, I made a metaphor. Just like people in the current harsh earth environment, they do not know what climate change and global warming will bring about what results.

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