In my opinion, the artist's attitude towards exploring a theme is more important than the works he presents. As for the voice behind the artwork, I think artists need to bear some social responsibilities. It is precisely because our works have the opportunity to be seen that we should face every theme of creation sincerely, and what I hope most is to make everyone who sees my works willing to stop and think. Thinking brings us strength, and art makes people pay attention to the world from another angle. Based on this creative idea, I chose an art installation with comprehensive materials to express the future underwater world. At first glance, this work is very shining, but careful observation reveals that every part of it is strange and unreasonable. Plants made of cans, corals made of denim, jellyfish made of plastic shells, these non-degradable materials are all murderers who destroy marine ecology. This is also the contrast between beauty in form and ugliness in content. I want to use this contrast to remind the audience that the impact of climate crisis on human society has become more and more profound, and only fear of nature will make us go further. The same awe will make art more powerful.

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