Global warming has led to the melting of glaciers and the continuous rise of sea levels, which not only affects the living environment of humans, but also creates a huge crisis for animals that take glaciers as their habitat. Therefore, I want to visually express "melting" in my works, so that people can feel the harm caused by global warming more realistically. I took the polar bear as the protagonist to take photos to record the burning process of a polar bear-shaped candle, and made the photos into a booklet. The overall picture of the booklet is a complete polar bear gradually turning into a pool of wax oil. I hope that people can slowly reflect on the booklet and awaken people's awareness of protecting the environment. So, I did not add too many elements to the screen. I hope this is an easy-to-understand and intuitive brochure, focusing everyone's attention on the information that the screen wants to convey.The idea of protecting the environment can be passed on to more people.

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