This is a work about the climate crisis. The title is: "What kind of a world would you like to live in?" The final product is a small ecological reserve that leans more towards a home where man and nature live in harmony. As I am an interior and spatial major, the final product is a spatial design. And the scale of this model is 30cm*20cm*15cm. It is inclusive of the human habitat, nature and the sea. The structure at the top resembles coral in the ocean and the blue plastic below simulates the ocean. On the left of this model are the human settlements and the spiral design serves to separate each area. Art comes from nature and life. I have often included elements of nature in my previous work. But after coming back to this project, I realized how little I knew about the climate crisis. Through this work, I became acutely aware of how serious the climate crisis is and how it could even endanger our planet in the near future. So I hope that through this project more people will become aware of this issue, after all our small actions will affect the world.

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