Whilst doing research for a space-themed project I decided to look into star signs and discovered that each one has their own colour scheme and its own characteristics, it was almost as if each one was its own person. This inspired me to treat each star sign as if it was a character I was designing for and so I created an illustration and design for each star sign. Once I was done I decided to print my illustrations on to tote bags, creating my own line of original bags.


This is my Aquarius design, for this I wanted to play with the idea of Aquarius being the water-bearer. The blue was an important aspect of the design as it not only represented the water but also was stated to be an important colour to this star sign, and the structure of the dress was designed to look like an upside-down glass. As Aquarius is an air symbol I wanted to add sheet flowing sleeve to give across


For my Pisces design I wanted to put across the fish aspect of the design so I went with a printed scale skirt that I later on made myself, and a collar that stood up meaning to represent fins. I wanted the top to have very dramatic highlights and shadows and to almost look wet whilst being worn.











Final Pisces Costume

To complete this project I wanted to make the costumes that I had designed. I decided to start with the Pisces one as I felt it was one of the most simple yet complicated of the bunch. To make this I started out using white fabrics, I made a stencil for the scales and decided to screen print the adhesive onto the skirt and the heat press the foil onto the skirt to give it shine. I then dyed the skirt blue after to mute the metallic effect a little and this lead to the skirt you see here. As for the top I decided to again start with white fabric and to get the glossy look I wanted from my illustration I hand painted it entirely adding the shadows and highlights. I also wanted to stiffen the collar and to do this I added boning into the seams to make sure it stood up properly without falling.

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