Emphasizing the seriousness of The Climate Crisis would be frustrating if we didn't find a way to change the situation. Blaming each other makes humans more desperate and less confident. Scientists are already making efforts to tackle the largest source of the climate crisis -- fossil fuels. Wind power, solar energy and hydrogen fuel are all great substitutes. I hope to generate the public's interest in these new technologies by using a commercial and fun art style. Clean energy sources are more likely to be supported if more people see them as decorative and convenient.

Wind power

The design referenced a more efficient, quieter and more bio-friendly vertical wind turbine. I improved its shell so that even small birds are not easily damaged by the fans. Besides, I put the coolest part of the wind turbine outside the building-the gear set.

Solar energy

The solar panels are arranged like tiles.

Water saving system

The underground reservoir collects rainwater, purifies wastewater and provides water for production and life again.

Hydrogen fuel

The electricity used to make hydrogen comes from the sun and wind, while the water comes from the water saving system system.

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