When we talk about the climate crisis ,it is inevitable to talk about environmental protection and environmental pollution.My work is a short stop motion cartoon,I made all the handmade doll with clay,cloth and aluminium wire ,make sure they bodies can moved and changed posture.The scenery is made by background wallpaper to created the atmosphere about anxiety and depression.

recycling familyc

This short cartoon tells a story about a family is composed of different children,those children are represent different phenomenon of climate crisis.Unfortunately,the story lost some details because I cut off some interesting footage for time limit between those characters,but it is still a complete story. In this cartoon,Green fly is Sweet trash,Factory ,Package and Poison ’s mother,she plays role in decomposer in the natural world and she take out those kids from trash bin with pollution.Like the sick boy called Factory,his first line is to express he hate his life because a factory which built in the wrong place need face to industrial pollution and destroy.Package and Poison candy represented white pollution,they both want die but they hold opposite attitude when they face to death.Bandage and her adopted daughters not like normal mother-daughter relationship, pills and virus pretty like Bandage ’s mental scar of war’s effect.As the narrator in this story,Sweet trash need to faces the cruel family ’s d

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