I am a Chinese art student whose major is oil painting. I always try to use different materials and media to create. For my Climate Crisis Project, I created a collage using iPad. The work is called 52 Season Goddess. The name directly comes from a fact that Zara has 52 season a year. I use the work to respond to the fast fashion industry destroying our environment and leading to Global Warming. The fashion industry now produces around 7% world’s total greenhouse gas a year which leads to global warming. I felt so uncomfortable after I knew this fact and I realized that I am a consumer, I should be responsible for this issue. So, I want to use my artwork to respond to the emergency and persuade other people to buy fewer clothes. In the artwork, I put 7 irrelevant images that comes from documentaries and my mind to create a fantastic world which combines natural world and human society together. The most interesting thing in the work is that I have built some inner links between these irrelevant images, and I invite you to find out relationships between them that is a game. This digital painting is also a memorable artwork that is my first collage work. I found that this art form can arouse my creative enthusiasm. I feel so exciting when I put many images, coming from different places, together and build some links between them. It just like an adventure. I will continue exploring collage.

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