After going to see the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie I fell in love with the costumes designed by Jacquelin Durran and wanted to attempt to replicate one of the costumes in the film. I chose to create the iconic yellow ballgown Emma Watson wore as I felt it had so many intricate details that I wanted to discover how to replicate.

Close up of the Embroidery

I decided that the best way to recreate the effect on the bodice from the original movie was to layer strips of chiffon over my fabric and embroider in gold thread over the top.

Back View of Dress

This is the back view of my Belle costume. I realised the detailing in the dress fades on the top layer in the original and I feel this image shows perfectly that I created a contrast in intensity of the pattern in the layers by using different screen printing techniques. To help the difference in intensity of the pattern I also made sure to add more hot stones along the bottom two layers of the dress and dramatically decrease the number of stones used at the top.

Front View

I fell that this photo not only shows of the embroidery effect on the bodice, but also shows of the detailing used on the top layer of the skirt. This layer was hand painted with a metallic fabric paint that despite being metallic was quite subtle. The foil I used for the bottom two layers created a much stronger metallic effect.

Detailed photo of the front

Here you can see the detailing in the bodice. Apart from the embroidery in the middle panel I also decided to defuse the harsh armband buy layering chiffon over it to assure it did not ruin the elegance of the dress.

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