I come from China. My exploration this time is about the climate crisis. The installation work is called "Packaged Computer". My idea is that in this era, the impact and harm of the development of industrial technology on the climate crisis is obvious. So when we face the environmental crisis, we must find a way to stop it. This in turn caused me to think, so I wanted to use a "wrap" method to isolate pollution. I chose animal fur because of the meaning of wrapping. It also reflects that some companies will produce a lot of pollution in their work, and if it continues, it will cause species to disappear. The artistic technique I used this time is to use modern industrial products for secondary artistic processing to express ideas and themes. During the production process, I searched for many kinds of materials, but I think rabbit fur is more suitable for my requirements, because it is relatively easy to obtain, and the visual effect does not appear to be that useful and impactful. On the contrary, it gives people a soft and delicate feeling, which in turn triggers people to think more deeply in a gentle way.

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