Floods, heavy rains, high temperatures, and smog are the "doomsday" scenes that are unfolding. The news is constantly reporting this information, but people are always forgetting, forgetting some consequences, and forgetting some disasters. The performance art "Dust Project" made me aware of the consequences and impact of the climate crisis. I used a set of illustrations to show the severe weather caused by the climate crisis. The name is "Seeing the Consequences". I used an ipad to complete it. This work is composed of four squares, each of which expresses different severe weather, such as: heavy fog, heavy rain, high temperature and heat, and uses different main colors to distinguish. I am not creating anything, I just record some facts. What I paint is not bad weather, but its impact on me. Through some experiments, I found materials suitable for recording bad weather. I tried to restore the picture more realistically, adding details and elements on the basis of real photos. For this work, I want people to start paying attention to the climate crisis and severe weather, and I hope everyone will "see the consequences" and remember it.

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