This was a class project to design and make a historically accurate Victorian bodice. I decided to make mine out of cotton and silk to make sure that the fabrics were historically accurate. I pattern drafed the bodice and sleeves from scratch according to my model's measurement and so I have also included fitting photos to show how I progressed during the project.

First Fitting

This was my very first fitting with my model and my costume had a lot of adjustments to be made.

Close up of alterations

This photo was taken at the time of the fitting to help me remember all of the alterations that I needed to make. My work prossess often includes a lot of photos to make sure I have a record of everything I have done in case I forget or need to go back and check.

Second Fitting

Once my top fabric was added I had another fitting to make sure that everything sat right and that nothing wrinkled wrong. I did this fitting with the garment on the right way around to make sure I would alter everything to fit properly when being worn, as sometimes peoples bodies are uneven. Here I only had a few minor adjustments to make.

Final Photo

This is a photo of the final garment. Unfortunatly this photo was taken at a bad time and so the garment could not be ironed and so there is so wrinkling where there was not usually.

Back View

This is the back view of the garment. Here you can see how the hook and bar tape created a very descrete fastening and helped the garment flow more. I am also very pleased at my pattern matching across a princess seam.

View of the sleeve

In this photo I wanted to show the sleeve looked when fully extend. This shows that the sleeve was just as I had designed it to be and fitting the model as intend. I added a cotton under sleeve as in my illustrations I saw the wide sleeve looked incomplete without something underneath to bring a contrast.

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