‘A bushfire of pine trees’ is an installation that I created based on the theme of the climate crisis. For the climate crisis, I pay more attention to the impacts and phenomenon that are close to my life. This work focuses on the relationship between climate warming and the pine trees ecology. It was inspired by a disease, called ‘pine wilt disease’ that I saw in the mountains of my hometown. The infected pine forest appears reddish brown and looks like a bushfire from a distance. The government’s response to the disease is to cut down the infected pine trees and burn them. With the climate warming, the frequency and intensity of this disease will increase, the suitable area for Monochamus alternatus, the main vector also will expand. I transformed this abstract event into a visual installation. This video records the process of an unreal bushfire burning from the foot of the mountain to the top in two hours. The red colour and flame-like pattern are my own emotional projection, shock and sadness towards this phenomenon, as well as a strong reminder that the problems caused by climate change are catastrophic and extremely urgent.

A bushfire of pine trees

Actual Duration: 2 hours

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