Based on my personal experience and the current state of development in China, I have developed a strong interest in the research topic of ‘Anthropocene’ in the past two years. I got to know the academic concept of Anthropocene from the realistic question of ‘What kind of world are human beings in?’, which explains that the whole earth system is undergoing unpredictable changes due to human beings, and human beings are therefore in an unprecedented ‘survival dilemma’. It also includes the theme of the exhibition, Climate Crisis. My practice is usually based on my personal experience. In the collection of works, hometown becomes the keyword running through some projects. Therefore, the subject of the Anthropocene is of continuing interest to human beings and has a special emotional significance for me. Meanwhile, in recent years, I have been studying how the Anthropocene proposition can be reflected in the field of installation art in public space. I have realized that Anthropocene thinking needs to realize the two-way interaction between works and the public. I am constantly freeing myself from the medium of the Internet, choosing materials and places more freely, and establishing new rules in artistic creation.

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