My inspiration for WE came from a documentary on the climate crisis, the climate issue is a problem that people have been paying attention to. I used the form of illustration to express the impact of climate change on animals and stimulate some thinking among humans, animals and nature. I combined the mountain and human form together to express the integration of human and nature and the importance of human beings. Human beings are destroyers of nature and saviors of nature. The first painting is the combination of cliff and human, which not only represents humans are salvation, but also implies that human damage to the environment is as dangerous as a cliff. The second painting is the combination of iceberg and human. The decrease of icebergs will not only lead to no living space for animals, but also affect human beings, who will eventually disappear like a glacier. I used transparent texture to represent the hands in the paintings. I hope that human beings can take care of the environment and animals, so the color of the hands is also more bright. I take it as the highlight of the picture, symbolizing hope and redemption. I think human beings play a very important role, we can choose whether to save or destroy, any climate crisis will eventually affect human beings, so why not treat nature well, that's what I want to talk about, destroy nature is to destroy ourselves.

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