Most of my works revolve around issues of life, existence, and survive. I am used to using installations, paintings, and sculptures to create. Taiwan is an island, so the marine ecological environment is an important experience in my growing background. In the exhibition work on climate change issues, I use oil paintings for creation, which can better convey my mental state. I studied sculpture at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, and was awarded the annual Taiwan Contemporary Exhibition, the New Look of Taiwanese Fine Arts, Taoyuan Art Exhibition, and held solo exhibitions in 021. Most of my art works are related to space installations. I try my best to deal with the reflections on why people and creatures live in a calm state. I hope that I can use art to deal with my own problems and increase the aesthetic experience of the audience. I used to work as an assistant in an artist's studio in Taiwan and worked in a cultural association. I understand that the art culture here needs to be improved, and I hope I can learn more in the days to come and help the development of this land.

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