Behind objects with bright surfaces also has an unknown side, either positive or negative. As visual media, font can effectively get powerful alter to the public, then I decided to make a creative font which frame with geometric graphics and collage it with pictures that around with the theme of the cause and outcome of the global warming like meat production, chemical combustion, some human behaviors, melting glacial, coral bleaching etc. Therefore, the visitors can see the fonts seem beauty and easier identification and when close to see can find the truth behind it since images can convey meaning directly and simply while making an impression directly to the public through their subjective feelings. As citizens living on earth, we have an obligation to do something, I hope this project can warning public to make more people aware of the severity of the climate crisis.Finally, I use a slogan :“Protect, Retain ” please protect our earth and retain our best memory.

Colorful letters

slogan "Protect, Retain"

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