Looking at the history of the Earth, by changing environment in the Earth, numerous creatures have been extinct and reborn. We already knew that the mammals such as monkeys evolved into humans through changes in the Earth’s environment. I believe that climate crisis is expected to change Earth into an inhospitable world for humans. I think that this is the beginning of the new extinction. Soon or later, the skin of a human would melt down and extra-terrestrial life could covet the earth and invade the earth. This situation sounds strange to us. But in the distant future, humans could take on a new form, just like how we used to look at Homo sapiens and see them as strange. These elements were used as hybridized forms in my works named ‘Monster Human’. This artwork presents the figure of a human being turned into the face of a zombie with melted skin and a mutation made by mating with an alien. I expressed them as a mixed medium artwork by combining painting, drawing and collage. These imperfections in the artwork and the mixing of mediums represent uncertainty about how it will evolve in the future, and the diverse and complex colours and rough textures are used to depict an uneasy response about our deformed appearance. I could never create this artwork beautifully. It is because I felt intense anxiety for the future and imagined how our look would change with climate crisis.

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