I named this work “window of bubbles”. In this work, I take the climate crisis of global warming and the most affected animal polar bear as my inspiration.After my research, I found that polar bears rely on ice floes to find food in the middle of the sea, but the ice floes disappear due to the increase of temperature, so I decided to take ice floes and polar bears as my design basis.I discover that polar bear's fur is transparent in the documentary, and that the white color we can see is the hollow of its fur reflecting light. So I use the transparent factor to make bubbles shape to express the future of mankind is as fragile as a bubble.In this work, I also integrate the element of floating ice.Most of the materials in my works are sustainable development materials, such as gilding and clay. While the influence of global warming may seem far away, the unknown bacteria and viruses that are being revived by the melting of the ice each year continue to increase, which makes me worry about the future of humankind, so I choose to express my work in the form of an eye patch as a way of expressing the meaning of 'invisible future'. I hope this work can arouse people's attention to global warming.

"invisible future"

The integration of bubble elements and blindmaster to show that the future of mankind is nothing and is fragile as a bubble.

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