This illustration of mine is about ocean pollution. I named it "Flow". When I saw the crude oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, I found inspiration in this news. Because my hometown also near the sea, I can feel how much damage has this done to the ocean.  In this painting, I drew a hand holding a knife and cut a tomato, and the juice of the tomato dripped onto a white background. The hand and the knife represent the destruction of the ecology by humans hand. Tomatoes are like a transport ship. After being destroyed, the red juice pollutes the white background. It is totally like the red crude oil polluting clean sea water. As we know the Tomato juice is difficult to clean up, which means that the crude oil that enters the ocean will continue to pollute the environment. I used a metaphor to show the crude oil spill in my eyes. At the beginning, I wanted to express my thoughts in a more abstract way. But I thought that if I want more people to understand the climate crisis, I should express it in a way that more people can understand. Because the climate crisis is not just a person's business, it is a crisis of the earth, a crisis of human.


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