Agence France-Presse published a news report in February (2021) that the temperature in the Antarctic region broke the record high of 20 degrees Celsius for the first time in February 9th this year. The average temperature of the earth's surface has increased by 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit since 1975, and the global temperature is increasing rapidly. This means the rapid deterioration of the earth's environment, the melting of glaciers, the rising of sea level and the disappearance of some coastal cities in the near future. The heat energy brought by the rising temperature will provide huge kinetic energy to the air and ocean, resulting in large-scale typhoons, tsunamis and other disasters, which seriously threaten people's lives. This news made me realize that the climate problem of global warming is a very serious situation. Therefore, when given the topic Climate Crisis, I decided to focus on global warming. The 3D art installation made with acrylic sheets, silver paper and filling cotton convey a sense of Antarcticregion. I hope this installation can reflect the current situation of the polar regions and the crisis they are facing, as a reminder to people to pay attention to global warming.

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