I choose to create an illustrative story book featuring polar bears ,which I think is one of the main victims of global warming.It is known to all that with the iceberg melting constantly,polar bears are losing their habitat, thus blocking their access to enough food,which puts the whole species on the verge of extinction. The starving polar bears stranded on the cracking ice sheet stand for their peers, that fall victim to the climate disaster caused by we human-beings Another reason why I choose polar bears as the theme of my story is ,I really love this cute animals. They are so lovely that it will be a great pity if we can only see them in zoos in the future where they lose their instincts. So, I spared no effort to make my main character as endearing as possible to arouse people’s sympathy,as well as their awareness of the escalating climate crisis I created a tragic story to leave far-reaching im-pact on the mind of the people。 Thus eliciting much soul-searching of the environmental protection.

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